Thursday, October 4, 2012

See You Later... Not Goodbye

I will admit when I was in high school, coming to SCC was not high on my list at all. I wanted to go off to college like all my friends got to do. They got to decorate their dorms, go to welcome week parties and just get this whole “college experience” thing that everyone seems to talk about. I wanted that! I made the decision to come to SCC based on one thing… money. Yes, I will admit it is a very big thing. I didn’t want to be paying back student loans until I was 50. I knew everyone around me was going to support any decision I made, but they all made it apparent that the best school for me was SCC.

Well it has been more than a month since classes have started, and it has been quite an adjustment. In high school, you go five days a week which means you don’t do a whole lot in one day. I go to school three days a week, and those 50 minutes are packed! I’m not used to getting a bunch of homework, and that has changed a lot since starting college, too. In college, the teachers don’t tell you when an assignment is due; you’re expected to know that it is due. This is all such a change, and I’m just not used to it yet.

 I know for a fact that I’m not the only one whose amount of friends got cut in half because of college. Of course they are all still my friends, but I only get to see them maybe twice a month for the weekends. Maybe we will have the occasional phone call or Skype date but that isn’t the same. Not only did I have friends that went off to college, but my boyfriend did too.

It makes me feel a little bit better knowing that I’m not the only one going through this rough transition. The worst part is knowing that you won’t see that person for two or three weeks. I’m really having a hard time being positive about all of this, but I know it will get better. There will be good days, there will be bad days, and when that friend or significant other comes home you will have days spent together.

 Final thought: Enjoy every second you have with your loved ones.


  1. I know how you feel. After high school I wanted to go to SEMO. I thought SCC was for slackers who wanted to stay home with their parents. But after taking a year and a half off from school because of money issues, I'm greatful for SCC and how much you get for your money's worth. It sucks not getting to go to college with a dorm, but when you finally get there, you'll probably be way more prepared for working hard, as compared to getting there right out of high school and having a party/friendship mindset.

    Plus, don't think of SCC as losing friends - it's a place to get new, more diverse friends!! :D

    - Sophie

    1. I couldn't agree anymore, I've met a lot of really awesome people!!